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Celebrate the times of your life with ease.
Anniversaries. Graduations. Holidays. Class Reunions. Birthdays. Christenings. New Year's Eve. Special times require special attention, and that's what we'll give you as you prepare for your celebration. We know how busy you are just planning your day, let alone planning a function that needs to keep all of your friends entertained for a whole evening. That's why we have an event coordination staff that will carefully design your party with you from start to finish. Our goal: Make it as easy as possible for you to host a party that your guests won't soon forget. Bore your guests and you run the risk of sending them home in time to catch "Saturday Night Live." Yikes. But we won't let you go there, because we'll help you determine how to make your event interesting. Exhilarating even. How about a themed event, requesting that everyone come dressed as their favorite celebrity and playing famous movie songs? Or a Caribbean motif, complete with faux palm trees and Reggae tunes? The ideas are limitless, and we'll create an atmosphere that perfectly suits your style.

The most well organized parties are all mixed up.
Not since biblical times have Miracles, Temptations, and Earth Wind & Fire all been experienced in the same night. But we can pull that off in the first half-hour alone; never underestimate the power of a good DJ. The secret of a dazzling party is musical variety, and that's why we have more than 50,000 tunes in our all-digital collection. Beatles, Turtles, Eagles and Monkees may all come together harmoniously at your soiree. You might even decide to have 10,000 Maniacs liven up the joint. Our disc jockeys will artfully blend various genres into a logical, danceable sequence. From Van Morrison to Van Halen, Chubby Checker to Fatboy Slim, our diverse assortment of toe-tappers will get your dance floor admirably scuffed. Your friends will thank you. And mean it.

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